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The activities of the Centre are 90% based on volunteers.

People coming from different parts of Italy as well as from several European countries contribute to the ringing actvities in Ponza: it doesn't matter if you are already experienced or if you are brand new to this kind of activity, your passion and motivation is what we need!


The period of permanence consists of a minimum of a week (from Saturday to Saturday). A standard amount of basic goods and the accommodation are included. Each participant must bring his own bed sheets/sleeping bag and towels. The basic goods (pasta, rice, canned food, cleaning items, toilet paper, paper towles, oil, salt, sugar, coffee, tea, milk, biscuits) are provided at the beginning of each week by the Research Centre in a standard amount according to the number of participants. Once the provided food is finished, the volunteers need to take care of their own food for the remaining period of stay. Other food items are not provided by the Research Centre and can be bought at the supermarkets located 100 meters far from the accommodations. The Centre can not provide gluten free items since, unfortunately, no gluten free items are sold on the island. Therefore we suggest to bring it from home. Restaurants are also available for lunch and dinner.

During the Project, the CISCA personnel together with the scientists from the Univeristy of Vienna (Austria) and of the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology of Munich (Germany) will introduce you to the ringing techniques, how to distinguish between species, sexes and age of the birds, and will explain the migration strategies of the passerines.  and the experiments of ecophysiology of migratory birds conducted here at the Centre. It is important to note that the learning activity of the volunteers will not occurr as formal lectures but through the ringing activity. The Centre arrange a single weekly lecture for each group of volunteers, which is held in case of very low captures or closure of the Centre due to bad weather conditions.

The main activities of the volunteers consist of the control of the nets and to help in the collection of the ringing data during ringing operations. This in days of normal or intense bird catches. In case of adverse weather conditions, the nets are kept closed. In this circumstances, the volunteers are free and can devote themselves to other activities. The Centre organises a lesson of about an hour on the Small Islands Project in the days when the nets are closed but otherwise the free time of the volunteers is self-managed. A small bird library is available for those interested. In the case of open nets but of scarce bird catches, the volunteers are divided into groups in order to allow them to have free time during the day. Also in this case, the volunteers'  free time is self-managed.


The rooms available are limited, therefore we recommend to book as soon as possible. 

You can find all the related documents at the 'Resources/Fact sheets and documents' and at the Useful Links section of our website. For further information and to book a week at the Ponza research Centre write an mail to indicating your preferred week and an alternative one. 







Friends, tourists and curious people are always welcome to visit us in every moment of the day, with respect to the station activities. The visit is about 1 hour long and free of charge. If you would like to stay longer and spend half day or more with us, you should subscribe to the CISCA membership, which costs 10 euro per year. 

We would be glad to illustrate you our research Centre and our ongoing activities. We can also help you to get in contact with some of the facilities of the Ponza island in order to arrange your stay as better as possible.


We also organise university course field trips and guided school visits! 


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