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New scientific article published!

The activities at the Research Centre on Bird Migration of Ponza are sources of scientific studies such as the latest published in the Royal Society of Open Science Journal.

The study modelled the migratory timing of multiple African–European migratory bird species and investigated long-term changes in migration patterns, with a focus on the phenomenon of ‘co-migration fidelity’. Co-migration fidelity quantifies the consistency and synchronisation of migratory patterns of those species that migrate in well-defined groups with high temporal overlaps, using bird ringing data, The study showed that such behaviour significantly increased over the years of survey and was higher in long-distance (trans-Saharan) than in short-distance (North African) migrants, giving insights on the consequence of long-term changes in migration phenology in relation to climate change.

Bellisario B, Cardinale M, Maggini I, Fusani L, Carere C. 2023 Co-migration fidelity at a stopover site increases over time in African–European migratory landbirds. R. Soc. Open Sci. 10: 221043.

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