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Science communication: a mission

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Today we hosted a class from the first grade of the secondary school of Le Forna (Ponza Island). Part of our mission as an association is to disseminate and transfer knowledge about the conservation of nature and bird diversity.

The excursions of local school classes, accompanied by Prof. Pinto, are by now a tradition for us, as well as a fundamental appointment for sharing our activities with the younger generations.

This morning the visiting students listened to a lesson on the phenomenon of migration and attended some ringing activities: together we ringed a hoopoe, a common redstart, and a swallow.

We then did the usual quiz on vernacular names. In fact, as you know, very often local populations are great connoisseurs of the species that visit their places and therefore know the species according to the typical dialectal names. In fact, you can also find on our website the list of names of the ringed species not only in Latin, Italian, English, and German but also in Ponzish!

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