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Beginning of the season

Like every start of the season, our activity is at the mercy of the weather more than ever. March is as a month in which storms of wind, rain and cold alternate with moments of calm and sun. For this reason, often in this period, the mist-nets can be totally or partially closed for several days in a row.

Officially the nets have been put up since February 27th and the first ringed individual that opened the dance for the 2024 season was a Sardinian warbler (Curruca melanocephala).

The species that pass at our station these days are typical of the period, such as, for example, those in the photos below, taken in recent days (dunnock, goldcrest, firecrest, black and common redstart, robin, chaffinch, blackbird, chaffinch, starling, greenfinch, linnet, subalpine warbler, blackcap, Dartford warbler, skylark, wheatear, pied wagtail, willow warbler, hoopoe, whinchat, song thrush).

The first specimens belonging to the Hirundinidae family also passed over the island of Ponza, with individuals of house martins and barn swallows.

We can also already count two recaptures in these first two weeks of activity:

a blue tit, ringed in Ventotene last 6th of May 2023, and a serin, ringed by us in Ponza when he was still a young specimen, on the 9th of May 2021.

A rare catch for us is the Mistle thrush, and the specimen in the photo below was ringed on Saturday the 2nd of March.

Two weeks earlier than usual, we also ringed the first whitethroat of the season!

Finally, fresh from the day, a wonderful specimen of sparrowhawk on this sunny morning.

The migration is progressing and the season is promising! Stay tuned for new updates on the 2024 season!

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